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E-sharp Solar Solution Pvt. Ltd. is a India based professional and dynamic organization working for Designs & Development, manufacturing and marketing of customized product in renewable energy specially Solar Photovoltaic and Solar Heating Systems.
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Why us ?

Solar energy is the cleanest, most abundant, renewable energy source available. And the Esharp Solar Solution has some of the richest solar resources shining across the nation. Today's technology allows us to capture this power in several ways givi.....

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Contact Person : Mr. Naresh Goel
Telephone : +91-011-43095361
Mobile : 09313104202
Telefax : +91-011-43095361

Solar Charge Controller

High Performance Solar Charge Controller, ideal for most solar systems, utilizes PWM Control for maximum efficiency combined with temperature compensation for a wide range of operating temperatures.

Photovoltaic Modules

Esharp Solar Solution Pvt. Ltd. offers a wide range of state-of-the-art solar photovoltaic modules suitable for a variety of applications. These modules are ideal for power generation at remote areas, where .....

Home Lighting System



The Solar Home Light System is the successful integration of the Solar Photovoltaic’s and the emerging LED technology. Solar Module is provided with the system to charge the SMF.....

Solar Water Pumping System

Solar Photovoltaic Water pumping System are modular, flexible and are of two basic types i.e. Shallow well type & Deep well type. The pumping systems are extremely rugged, maintenance free & do not need any othe.....

Solar Home Lighting system