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Solar Charge Controller
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High Performance Solar Charge Controller, ideal for most solar systems, utilizes PWM Control for maximum efficiency combined with temperature compensation for a wide range of operating temperatures.

  • E-Sharp Series solar charge controller is self diagnostic type user adjustable parameters expandable capacity modules
  • Use E-Sharp Series solar charge controller for longer battery life & better utilization of solar enbergy
  • E-Sharp Series solar charge controller is adapted with PWM charging, believed to be the best solar charging technology
    • Multi layer timing for overload protection
    • Globally latest & advanced technology
    • Built with perfect blend of state of art of electronics & micro computing
    • Temperature compensation for better battery charging on various climate & terrain
    • Slim & Sleek look
    • Electronic blocking to save precious energy saved in battery

    E-Sharp Series solar charge controller Ranges As :

Nominal Voltage : 12 volt to 110 volt
Charging Capacity : 10 amp to 100 amp
Indications : LED (10-20 amp capacity), LCD Display (30-100 amp capacity)
Displays Measurements of : (Available in LCD models only)
- Battery Voltage
- Charging current
- Load current
- Ambient temperature
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