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Solar Street Lighting System
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These systems are suited for urban and rural requirements. The system requires low maintenance and is highly reliable and durable.

Battery :-

  • Low self-discharge, highly reliable, low maintenance tubular battery
  • Protected from overcharging, deep discharge and reverse polarity. 

Indications :-

  • LEDs for “Battery Charging”,  “Battery Low” and “Battery Overcharge”  

Electronics :-

  • Very high efficiency electronic circuitry
  • Very low no-load current
  • Protected against short circuit
  • PWM type MOSFET version inverter
  • 4 pin high luminous CFL, with preheat
  • Dusk to dawn  operation, automatic switch  ON and OFF
  • Temperature compensated battery charging
  • Approved by Ministry of Non Conventional Energy Sources, Govt. of India.

Features :-

  • Excellent for remote villages
  • Low maintenance
  • One time installation
  • High reliability and durability
  • More intensity of light
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