Solar Street Light

Introducing India’s first Solar Torch designed with the latest LED based technology and is compact, Handy & multipurpose. This torch is an ideal source of illumination in the night /dark in Mines, Forest, Car Garage or any other place where you need LIGHT.

The LED bulbs in the torch last for 10 years are impact resistant and consume very little power. Suitable clamps can be designed to mount the TORCH on a vehicle as per requirement.

Rechargeable with energy from the sun. When placed in the sun it charges up the enclosed rechargeable batteries. Recharge in six to eight hours of sunlight for 4-5 hours of use/day. It has optional charging option through 4.5 Volts DC source/Mobile Charger in case of no sunshine days.

LED bulb used in the Torch produce no heat and are about 5-10 times more energy efficient than filament bulbs, plus they last over 10 years.



  • Aesthetically design, Multipurpose & Handy.
  • Lamp is made of Ultra Bright White LEDs having life more than 50,000 burning Hours.
  • Solar Module is integrated with the Lantern Body and encapsulated to make it suitable for any environmental conditions.
  • Solar Torch can work continuously for 4-5 Hrs./Day after full charge.
  • Optional charging through 4.5 Volts DC Source.
  • Optional Mobile Charger